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Reproduction Label for Typewriter Oil Bottle

Office Supplies, Reproduction Paperwork Posted on Wed, July 24, 2019 09:40PM

I recently picked up this vintage German bottle of oil for bicycles, sewing machines and typewriters. It has a Bakelite cap and remnants of the old oil inside.

I made a reproduction of this label. Print it on newsprint or some other thin, off-white paper with a bit of texture.

New Leitz binder labels

Reproduction Paperwork Posted on Fri, October 03, 2014 10:53AM

I picked up a few used Leitz binders recently.
The new spine labels obviously are not period-looking. I have previously
made some different period-type labels using graphics from wartime
office supply companies but for the sake of variety I wanted to do
something different with these and I decided to try to make a real Leitz
label. Leitz started making these binders around 1900 and the look has
not changed all that much. The label has certainly changed, the
old-style logo had almost Chinese-looking characters. I finally found a
picture of the original logo that was good enough to copy so I worked up
a new spine label with the old-style logo.
I still do not have an original wartime or pre-war label that I could
copy exactly so I had to use some creativity here but I am very pleased
with the result. Here is a PDF:

Leitz Binder Labels

Cut carefully just inside the borders. These are sized for 3″ binders. New Leitz binders are available from Empire Imports.

Small Typewritten Document Reproductions

Reproduction Paperwork Posted on Tue, November 27, 2012 09:35PM

A few quick reproductions of small typewritten wartime Wehrmacht documents that I worked up while practicing using one of my typewriters. I copied the format of original documents. For larger scans and translations of these, check out the Wehrmacht Schreibstube Yahoo group at


Reproduction Paperwork Posted on Tue, March 20, 2012 10:41PM

One of the duties of the 1. Schreiber
working under the Hauptfeldwebel was keeping track of the unit roster, or
Truppenstammrolle. This roster was a book with one double-sided page for each
member of the Kompanie. This page recorded all kinds of pertinent details
about each soldier. Often I find pages from these records in groupings of
ID paperwork, usually tucked into the Soldbuch. In these cases these
documents, which have many variations, are usually marked “Auszug aus der
Truppenstammrolle” (Excerpt from the Truppenstammrolle). For some reason
copies of the information kept in the Truppenstammrolle must have been handed
to individual soldiers at times. This
is quite a handy thing to have from a reenactment paperwork perspective.
Here are some pictures of a reproduction of this form I have made, in comparison with an original.

has not been re-typeset, the lettering has been exactly copied from
the original. It is sized to be printed on A4 size paper. I have created a PDF of this form and uploaded it to the Files section of the “Wehrmacht Schreibstube” Yahoo group at, you need to join the group to get access to this and many other files.

Soldbuch insert for equipment issue

Reproduction Paperwork Posted on Sat, October 01, 2011 09:15AM

Link to PDF

The first pattern of Soldbuch as made and issued in 1939 had a very limited amount of space on pages 6 and 7 to record the items a soldier was issued. The pre-printed item list omitted many basic items issued to nearly every soldier, such as ammunition pouches, clothing bags, or the Zeltbahn, and there was very little space provided to add these in, and no space for the many other items often recorded on these pages, such as Gamaschen or special clothing items. To fix this problem, later patterns of the Soldbuch had many more items pre-printed on these pages, along with more space to record items not present in the list. However, very many books were made and issued with the first batches in 1939, and stocks of these early books continued to be issued throughout the war. To update these books, and also to add more space in cases where these pages were filled with entries after years of service, a wide variety of inserts were made to be pasted into the Soldbuch. Some were fairly close copies of the equipment issue pages in later pattern books, others were more elaborate fold-out inserts. The equipment issues and checks were fairly frequent for many soldiers, these were conducted when a soldier was transferred, deployed to the field, or at various times when equipment reissues took place. In any Soldbuch that was carried for a few years by a soldier who saw field service, it is typical to find at least one of these inserts. Here is one of the fold-out types:

This page would be pasted at the top onto the top of page 7 in the Soldbuch, then folded in the middle with the lower half folded up and over the upper half, to enable it to fit neatly in the book (you can see the crease from the fold on the line that says “Portepee”). This particular insert was issued in 1945 and was the last of multiple inserts pasted onto these pages of a Soldbuch issued in 1939. I have reproduced this insert and you can download it using the link at the start of this post, it is sized to be printed on A4 paper as it is slightly more than 11 inches long. If you want to print it out but don’t have A4 paper, you can get some larger sized sketch pad paper and trim it to size, 8.3″ x 11.7″.

Suetterlin script

Reproduction Paperwork Posted on Mon, August 01, 2011 08:46PM

With excruciating slowness, I am working on a page about completing reproduction paperwork. I made this scan showing the appearance of my main style of Suetterlin script using different inks and pens. Suetterlin handwriting was widely used for documents right up to the end of the war and its use continued into the early postwar period. Here I have written some Wehrmacht military ranks: Soldat, Pionier, Flieger, Grenadier, Kanonier. I have been practicing writing in Suetterlin for about 10 years and I am pleased with how my script looks. I also have learned to write the Latin-type handwriting from the war years, the Deutsche Normalschrift. I have a few variations of each script, this is necessary to create the illusion of records worked on by different people at different times.

Green Truppenausweis

Reproduction Paperwork Posted on Tue, November 09, 2010 02:22PM

The Truppenausweis was the standard personal identification document for all Wehrmacht soldiers prior to the introduction of the Soldbuch. Full-time soldiers had a blue Truppenausweis with a photograph; soldiers on reserve status had this green Truppenausweis. I am not entirely thrilled with the card stock I have found for the reproductions but the graphics are perfect. At top are front and back of two originals, at bottom is my current reproduction.